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Will you go for experienced professionals or freshers?
Published By ritsharma on 2013-02-11 42 Views

They say that experience matters more than anything else. There is a lot of talent around but when it comes to jobs, companies prefer experienced people more than fresh talent. Education, Skill and talent are mandatory. But there is no way of evaluating talent unless you have adequate experience in your field. The problem is how do you get experience if no one in ready to bud your talent? There are a lot of pros and cons that the companies need to consider while evaluating fresh candidates. Education obviously plays the most vital role. But just having a degree is not enough. You really need to be exceptional and one popular way of verifying that is through your grades.

But is verification by means of grades the only criteria to be eligible for a job. I am strictly against it. I have seen people who had amazing grades but when I called them for an interview they were hardly able to do any justice to those grades. They lacked some of the basic qualities of communication which is so vital in any industry. On the other hand, I have found people having not so good grades more equipped analytically and verbally. I mean, I am not blaming the education system but there are a lot of grey areas that need to be evaluated. Valuable freshers can bring huge profit margins to any company. Highly skilful, flexible and sincere freshers can deliver their best. They help to increase the effective margins of the company because compared to their expenses they can deliver higher output and productivity levels. This is not true for all of them but you can at least see that most of them try to do their best to achieve timely results.

Sometimes, I have felt that highly experienced guys are not able to perform as per the set expectations. They lack agility and sincerity which impacts their overall productivity. So the profit realization on experience guys is significantly less. I mean my interpretation in based on my experience so far and you might not agree completely. There are exceptional cases but the ratio has not been really pleasing.

I would prefer to have 3 quality freshers compared to one senior in any of my projects.



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