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Make a Good CV for Top Model
Published By ritsharma on 2013-02-08 231 Views

Modeling is nowadays one of the most challenging jobs. Every person involves in top model job needs to have confidence. They should have a good looking appearance, punctuation, industry knowledge and professionalism in everything.

One of the best and important factors before being a model is having a unique CV in your hand. This CV is sometimes built as a book which includes several pictures.

There are many pretty girls and boys that have the ambition to become a successful model. For this they must prepare an attractive resume attached with their portfolio. The casting of modeling is not based on model’s qualifications and the advertisers are mostly looking for attractive candidate. Creating a CV for models is no different from the professional jobs.

The different steps to follow before to create a great Top model’s CV

You must put in this resume, especially at the top of the first page must contains your name and contact information. The name should be bolded and in larger font. After your contact details, you list out your measurements such as age, height, weight, shoe size, bust, hips, inseam, waist, hair color and eye color and categories such as commercial print, editorial, catalog, showroom and runway.

You should be specified your role because there are different models available such as promotional modeling, television modeling, video modeling or advertisement modeling. You should add your special skills which include everything from acting to participation of sports, singing or musical instruments. It helps know your abilities apart from the modeling.

The portfolio is very essential for models. It should highlight your features. Make a professional header which explains their overall experience. Modeling industry is very competitive and harsh. If you want to be a good model, you will provide a unique and attractive CV with portfolio.

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